Mario Eugnell Winston

Mario Eugnell Winston has been involved in art since  3 years old. He quickly found his passion for art as he began art classes early in the 1st grade. Mario continued to be active with his talents and participated (and winning) many art competition during his grade school years utilizing different mediums such as graphite, acrylic, oil, ink, and watercolors.  

It wasn't until about 2011, after returning from a semester at Columbia College in Columbia, MO, that he became incredibly interested in photography. He had previously dabbled in photography for drawing/painting reference pictures and was able to bridge the essential foundations of drawing/painting into photography.


Starting off with small commissioned sets and a few friends, he began to try to improve his skills through small shoots. After moving to his current residing city of Oklahoma City, he saw more opportuntites than of that in his home town of Altus, OK. As the years progressed, so did his skills. He's gained experience from shooting at several events, clubs, prime photographer for weddings, and still individual commissioned shoots. Mario is continuously developing his skills and branching off into more creative photography as well. 

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