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Eli's personality really does resonate with brilliance
We're a family of artists and he is no exception.

I let Eli just be himself as Neisha

and I were exploring midtown after visiting with a client.

This is pretty much his story.


Victoria's Visit

Jan 29th 2020

Jan 28th 2020
Oklahoma City

This was a collaborative session that Neisha and I did together with our friend Victoria as our model. 

This session really put me out of my comfort zone because we used a lot of off-camera flash, and even though I wanted to switch back to natural light I was able to push myself to really understand it a lot better.


Jan 17th 2020
Wildlife Refuge, OK

Death steals from us so many moments we have already accounted for. My friend Brittany suddenly lost her mother after having a turbulent and complicated relationship. Their last words were harsh and impossible to take back. 

We used this session as a means to mourn and cope with the sudden change. 

5 Min Photo Challenge

Jan 2020
The Paseo Arts District

Neisha and I chose The Paseo Arts District to do our 5 Min Photo Challenge. 

During this I decided to add an additional challenge to the freezing cold and stressful time crunch, I chose to not use my 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art Lense. My 35mm is often times my go to lense, especially for low light situations like this. This time I primarily used my 17-35mm and my 50mm 1.8. 

It made me pay more attention to the environment and also made me realise I have a lot more I'd like to learn. 


Jan 14th 2020
Oklahoma City, OK

Life so often becomes overwhelming these days. The change of the season came with many many changes in my personal life as well as how I approach my photography. On this day Neisha and I were able to go to Martin Park and just...



September 26th- 30th, 2019
New York City, NY

Contemporary dancer, Jessica Ray invited me to come to New York and document New York lifestyle and peek into her life as a dance and artist in the city. During my stay I was able to capture behind the scenes with the dancers as well as meet with other dancers for editorials. 

check out the gallery and see NYC: LIVING 

Check out Jessica

The Underground is a unique gem located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was originally built in the 70s but about 15 years ago they redid over a mile of the tunnels. The colored lighting and murals made for interesting storytelling and gave us an opportunity to use one of my favorite techniques- double exposures. 


Ali Under Lights